Instructions for making a good publication:

A good ad must have three basic elements, property photos, host photo and one video. The description of the property is also crucial and it depends on the property appear well qualified by users.

Property Pictures:

You can use a camera or a cell phone, you need support (camera or cell phone) so that photos are sharp. Take 4 or 5 photos of different positions for each decision to choose the best place to insert in  the advertisement. They are fundamental an exterior view, overlooking the dining room, kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom.

Photo Host:

Note that this is the image that the visitor remember you. Next to the photo personal description (about me) you input will be published. A good description should be clear and specific, showing sympathy and make passengers feel safe.


This is a video example, it is done by professionals in a fun way to promote a property shown. Your video can to film with a camera or a cell phone, can be spoken or not, try to show everything that visitors will see when arriving at the property. Another possibility is also very effective film all the attractions of the place, beaches,  walks for days to the coast inappropriate, restaurants, cinemas, casinos, theaters, discos, etc.

If it is a property of rural break, show everything the visitor will find attractive in this place. Walks around the area (horseback or on foot), common tasks on a rural farm (eg milking, feeding poultry or making crafts) are interesting. The nature of the place, natural forests, rivers, streams, waterfalls. Possibilities for hunting or fishing allowed, historic sites etc.

                  EXAMPLE HOME VIDEO MADE WITH A MOBILE A simple way to show the house or neighborhood