TO BOOK or HIRE a property follow these instructions:

1) Register as a user and create a personal account that forward will be your legal link with the company for any type of transaction you make through this website. Carefully read the statement of rights and obligations, Terms and Conditions of the Service, shown at the bottom of the registration form.

2) Scroll down the page and select a or the properties you would like to rent. When clicking on a property, this will appear on the front page with all the details, Seaside, City or Department (if it is rural accommodation), views of the area where it is located and in some cases a video. At the bottom of the page will appear Availability section. In "Availability" you will see the booking calendar (days off and reserved). In "Book this Property !" >> Show Prices (below, right) you can see the cost per day at the moment you wish to book.

3) See in the calendar if it is available on the date you want to go on vacation.

4) If available you can book it on the spot by following the instructions: you can view the cost per day at show price , choose the dates of arrival (check-in) and departure (check-out) in the calendar, complete the boxs with the number of adults and children, and click on see cost , the cost box of this reservation is displayed click on this box and the total cost appears, click cost and continue the steps, choose the payment method: online Paypal, offline Western Union, Banco Piano, B.R.O.U, Red Pagos or Habitab and confirm the reservation. When making the payment if it is on line you will receive the voucher of Paypal and the invoice of our company (within 24 hours), if it is off line choose the company, the necessary information is displayed to be able to make the payment in the chosen company, confirm the reservation (receive a proforma invoice), make the payment and send the voucher via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. From that moment you have 24 hours to make the payment, otherwise the reservation will be terminated. Within 48 hours after the payment has been made and the mail with the voucher sent, you will receive (via mail) the company’s payment invoice. You can check your reservation at the time, after confirming the booking check in to availability and view the days booked by you in red (not available).

5) When has agreed with the Host or Owner the dates of arrival and departure and the economic conditions of the transaction for the chosen property, GO back TO PAGE OF PROPERTY, in "Book this property" enter the dates of arrival and departure and click VIEW COST, below right the "Cost of this reservation-clic on the price to reserve" box is displayed click and the amount will appear and reservation dates, and click on the  SHOWN SUMMARY OF YOUR BOOK  and appears ¡Book Now ! box ,  and efectivise payment through PAYPAL OR ENABLED CREDIT CARD (Exceptionally IF YOU HAVE NOT CREDIT CARD) may ask the company a bank account number to make payment).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Remember that the amount of the reserve is: TOTAL DAYS RESERVED OR HIRED plus 12% (twelve percent) FOR THE COST OF SERVICE ENTERPRISE PLAYAS Y CAMPOS (Article 13 (thirteen) paragraph B) of the Terms and Conditions of the Service.

6) You will receive: if you have chosen the online payment method,  PAYPAL payment document and payment Reservation  document of Company, if you have chosen the off-line payment method, you will receive the vouchers (from the company you chose at the time of payment and from our company within 48 hours of you sending the voucher via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), verify that the bill's amount is the paid by you and agreed with the Host/Owner/a (reserve amount of contracted days and fees and commission and I.V.A.). All claims for errors at this stage of the transaction must do so within the following 48 hs (forty-eight hours) after receiving the payment receipts, completed the term (forty-eight hours data) of the payment vouchers and the Terms of the transaction will be considered correct, the exact address of the property, the host's telephone and the coordinates (if requested) for a correct location.  

7) Upon arrival at the accommodation should find that everything is ACCORDING TO THE INFORMATION with published and expressed by the Host/Owner  to the property at the time of booking. If something is different with the agreement first try to  solve it with the HOST or OWNER, IF IT IS NOT SOLVED MUST CONTACT COMPANY IMMEDIATELY TO SUSPEND PAYMENT OF RESERVE TO HOST/A IF TO START THE LEGAL CLAIMS CORRESPONDING (this never happens because the company only accept properties that accurately reflect the description published by host or owners  users and notes that the transaction reflects what is published on the website .                                   Remember in the twenty-four (24) hours of their arrival must notify the company via mail PLAYAS Y CAMPOS the acceptance (or not) the conditions under which receives the accommodation in accordance with the agreement with the owner or host. Failure to do so within that period shall be deemed accepted the conditions and will make payment to the owner or host.

8) Start enjoying this natural paradise that is Uruguay and !!!! Happy Holidays!!!!